L’Equipe 528 6-Tray Food Dehydrator Review

L'Equipe 528 Dehydrator

L'Equipe 528 Dehydrator

The first thing that stands out about the L’Equipe dehydrator is the unit’s unique design. The unit is made in a long, rectangular shape that is a better fit for smaller kitchens. There are also a number of functional features that set this unit apart from the rest. The technology implemented into the unit produces food that is dried consistently on each tray and even in the corners. While the dehydrator has a fair share of supporters, there are also those users who are less impressed by its performance.

Most consumers who purchase the L’Equipe 528 6-Tray food dehydrator feel that the machine is a step-up from other popular brands of dehydrators they have used in the past.

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Features of the L'Equipe 528 Dehydrator

Heat Sensor

The L’Equipe includes a micro-processor controlled heat sensor that creates consistent heating and drying throughout the entire unit. I like the fact that this model lets you get the same results without having to move the trays of food midway through the drying process. Or, finding out later that the dehydrator didn’t do as thorough a job on all the food as you first thought.

Variable Temperature Control

This feature adds to the versatility of the dehydrator by letting you choose the temperature setting that is right for the food or other item being dehydrated. The temperature range is from 95°F to 158°F to cover a wide range of meats, fruits and vegetables and craft products. This feature produces consistently precise results time after time.


The 6-trays combine for 12 square feet of dehydrating space. The trays are made of clear plastic that resists melting like those on lower quality dehydrators sometimes do. There are also mesh sheets included for no-stick drying.

Instruction Manual

The instruction manual that comes with the L’Equipe dehydrator includes everything you need to know about preserving food including drying times. The booklet also includes recipes that will help you add spice and flavor to the foods you preserve.


The L’Equipe produces 550 Watts of power, more than most of the other dehydrators including those with a larger capacity. This feature ensures that food is properly dehydrated to preserve nutrition and prevent the possibility of bacteria growth that occurs when the unit fails to remove all of the moisture.

Included Accessories

The L’Equipe 528 includes:

  • 6 stacking trays for a combined 12 square feet of dehydrating space
  • Complete instructional booklet with drying times and recipes,
  • Rubber mesh inserts for each tray
  • 2 small fruit roll sheets


The unique, elongated design of the L’Equipe dehydrator makes it an ideal fit for almost any kitchen counter or shelf. Unlike traditional round units, or those that are big and bulky, this dehydrator doesn’t take up more space than you have available.

The special micro-processor heat sensor and powerful 550 watts of power make this unit powerful and effective enough to dry all types of food precisely so they retain flavor and nutrients.


Although the dehydrator is highly functional, many users find it a little more difficult to clean up. The trays are not dishwasher safe and must be cleaned by hand. In many cases, the mesh inserts or non-stick sheets can be used to prevent food from adhering to the trays.

For users who are looking for a dehydrator that has a large capacity, there are other dehydrators that might be a better choice. While the capacity of the L’Equipe is large enough for most users, those who prefer to get more food dried in a single process may want to go to a larger capacity dehydrator.

Consumer Ratings

In spite of the mid-range price of the L’Equipe, most buyers feel that the dehydrator offers better performance and durability than some of the more expensive brands and models they have tried. Consumers who bought this dehydrator with the expectations of getting a quality hydrator that would preserve average size batches of food have not been disappointed. The 10 year warranty also gives consumers the assurance that this is a product the manufacturer feels confident will perform to expectation. Read customer reviews.


The L’Equipe is a mid-price dehydrator that will give you many years of service. The best deals are typically found at Amazon. Check here to get their lowest price.


If you are an avid dehydrator and have limited space this will be a great option for you. I found this dehydrator to be the perfect compromise between the small entry level models and the higher priced larger models. Definitely a strong buy.

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