Health Benefits of Food Dehydrators

dehydrated fruits - Health Benefits of Food DehydratorsDehydrating your own food is something that has become almost as popular as juicing and while there are economic and convenience reasons for doing so, the biggest motivating factor is health. In a world where chemicals reside in and on processed foods, dehydrating your own home grown produce, meats and spices, provides yet one more way for individuals to control the food they eat. I’ve outlined the benefits of dehydrating below.

Preservation of Nutrition

Preserving fresh produce is not a new concept and indeed, you can find canned and dried foods everywhere you look in a supermarket. However, the nutritional quality of those foods may be questionable when you consider the sugar and salt content, as well as a smorgasbord of preservatives to keep the food in “edible” condition.

Preserving fresh foods using dehydration conveniently in your home, ensures you will retain almost 100% of the foods’ nutrition as well as its alkalinity. Enzymes and concentrated flavors are also preserved and an unexpected bonus with dehydrating your own food is that the process prevents the growth of bacteria. Additionally, almost all the vitamin C content of dehydrated foods is retained as is vitamin A, beta carotene and minerals such as magnesium, potassium and selenium.

Dehydrated food can also form a significant part of a healthy diet specifically because of the high concentration of enzymes and other nutrients. When compared to canning for example, where the high temperatures used during the canning process causes significant loss of nutritional content, the health benefits of using a food dehydrator to preserve foods become more attractive.

Healthy Food Options

Dehydrating fruits and vegetables ensures a constant supply of low fat, high fiber food. For anyone who is trying to lose weight while maintaining good nutrition this is a desirable health benefit of dehydrating your own produce at home. You can make nutritious snacks to keep on hand to replace calorie laden snacks and foods. If you have issues with blood sugar or blood pressure, you are able to effectively control the amount of sugar and salt in your snacks by dehydrating you own produce. It is also possible to make drinks and smoothies from your dehydrated fruits and vegetables, particularly if you reduced the dried produce down to powder form.

Reduce Harmful Toxins

It is no secret that high levels of salt, sugar and other preservatives are included in preserved foods we buy as a means of making those foods last longer. The tradeoff is often seen in the number of people who after consuming those toxins for an extended period, contract illnesses such as diabetes, cholesterol issues and cancer. Preserving your own food with a dehydrator will free you from the treadmill of consuming these toxins.

Improved Nutrition for Fussy Eaters

It is well known that children can be fussy with their foods and go through periods of not eating vegetables. Dehydrating vegetables and fruits into crunchy snacks can assist in alleviating this problem while at the same time boosting their overall consumption of vitamins and minerals. Children also like to be part of the process and they will happily lay out fruits and vegetables on the drying trays when they know those foods will soon become banana chips for example… or kale crunch.

The health benefits of using a food dehydrator can be significant. It is possible to eliminate toxins and improve overall nutrition by preserving your own produce by dehydrating. Healthy, tasty fruit and vegetable snacks can improve nutrition as well as keep body weight from soaring out of control compared to unhealthy traditional snack foods. Finally, using a food dehydrator can help with the greatest health benefit of all, by assisting you to take back control of your own health.

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