Hamilton Beach 32100A Food Dehydrator Review

hamilton beach 32100a dehydrator

Hamilton Beach 32100a Dehydrator

The Hamilton Beach 32100A dehydrator is a mid-sized appliance for people who want to make healthier snacks. The unit is versatile enough to use for drying herbs out of the garden, making fruit rolls without preservatives or additives (nitrite and sulfite), creating dried fruit without the added sugar of commercial dried fruit, and making more flavorful homemade jerky. The simple design of the dehydrator makes it easy to preserve the nutrients of a wide variety of garden fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also purchase frozen or canned fruits and vegetables to dry in the same way.

Buyers like the simple design of the Hamilton Beach 32100A and the square shape that makes it more convenient to place on a kitchen shelf. The square design of the trays also makes it easy to put them in the dishwasher for fast and easy cleanup.

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Features of the Hamilton Beach Dehydrator


Waiting on the dehydrator to finish drying foods is my least favorite thing about the process. It never fails that when I think I have the day to devote to dehydrating, something comes up and I end up having to put off the dehydration until later, even if I have the food ready to go.

With the 48 hour timer and auto shutoff features of the Hamilton Beach unit, I don’t have to worry about having to leave unexpectedly. I just set the timer to the appropriate amount of time for the food I am drying and let the unit take care of the rest.

Continuous Airflow

Many buyers of the Hamilton Beach like the way the dehydrator dries foods evenly without having to rotate the trays. Without this feature, the automatic timer would be worthless. Even if you have to leave the dehydrator to perform its magic alone, all of the food in every corner will be evenly dried.

Adjustable Thermometer

The versatility of the dehydrator depends on the ability to adapt to the requirements of a variety of foods. The adjustable thermometer lets you set the unit at the right temperature between 100° and 160° F for whatever you are drying to ensure the food is completely dehydrated when you remove it.

Specialty Sheets

The Hamilton Beach dehydrator comes with two specialty sheets for even greater versatility. A mesh sheet can be placed on a tray to prevent smaller pieces from falling through. When dehydrating herbs from the garden or small plants to use for potpourri, this sheet will keep them in place.

The solid sheet can be used to make delicious, natural fruit rolls without additives and preservatives. Puree your favorite fruits and spread on the solid sheet. After dehydrating, the fruit rolls peel off.

Clear Lid

Most dehydrators have a solid lid that won’t let you see the food unless you open the unit up. The clear lid on the Hamilton Beach dehydrator lets you see how the dehydration process is progressing without interrupting.

Included Accessories

The 32100A comes with:

  • 5 trays
  • 1 fine mesh tray
  • 1 solid tray


The simple use of the Hamilton Beach dehydrator makes the unit a good choice for anyone regardless of a lack of experience at drying food. The unit is highly versatile and can be used to dehydrate fresh, canned, or frozen foods for a wider variety of snacks. It is also efficient at making homemade jerky and extends the use of herbs and spices grown in your home garden.


The simplicity and versatility of the Hamilton Beach 32100A make it a perfect choice for many buyers, but it is not the best choice for everyone. The 5 trays that come with the unit are the maximum capacity and additional trays cannot be added.

For users who want larger capacity and more powerful drying for a faster process, there are other choices that are more appropriate. For users who are looking for a convenient and simple way to make a variety of healthy snacks, this dehydrator is sufficient.

Consumer Ratings

Buyers find the Hamilton Beach dehydrator to be a better performing unit than those of comparable price from other brands. This unit also offers easier cleanup and is easier to use than many other models. You can read consumer reviews here.


Most online retailers sell the Hamilton Beach 32100A relatively inexpensively. The best deals can usually be found at Amazon. Check here to check the lowest price.

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