Aroma Professional 6 Tray Food Dehydrator Review

  • 5.5 Sq Ft Capacity
  • Drip tray for easy cleaning
  • 6 drying trays - up to 6lbs of food
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Automatic Fan
  • Quite Operation
Aroma Professional 6 tray dehydrator

Aroma Professional 6 tray dehydrator

There are many similarities between various food dehydrator models, along with some subtle differences that make one a better choice over another. Choosing a model that you will be happy with comes down to what the dehydrator will be used for and to what capacity.

Some people purchase a food dehydrator for the sole purpose of drying delicate items like herbs. Others, like me, depend on their machine to dry large quantities of food including fruits and meat to make jerky. Buyers of the Aroma dehydrator find that it is equally effective at drying all types of food, herbs and spices, and a lot more.

sweet and savory snacks
large capacity dehydrator

Features of the Aroma Professional Dehydrator


The Aroma Professional 6 Tray Food Dehydrator has lots of room for drying so the unit can be used to effectively dry different foods at one time. The total capacity is about 5.5 square feet. The trays adjust in small increments to allow more room on one tray to dry larger items while devoting less to those that are smaller.

Drip Tray

One complaint with other dehydrators is that the bottom tray must be left empty to catch the residue that is removed from the foods. Otherwise, it drips onto the food being dried in the lower tray. The Aroma comes with a drip tray so all six trays can be for full-capacity dehydrating without getting a lower quality of dehydration on the bottom tray.

Drying Trays

The six drying trays are also removable to create larger spaces for larger foods. Each tray can support up to one-pound of food for a total capacity of six pounds per load.

Adjustable Thermostat

The correct heat setting is one of the most important factors when drying food. The same temperature used to dry delicate herbs won’t be effective at drying meat used for jerky. The adjustable thermostat on the Aurora ranges in temperature settings from 95° to 155°, allowing all types of foods to be dehydrated at the perfect temperature for optimum results.

adjustable thermostat

Automatic Fan

The automatic fan provides a dual-purpose. The even distribution of air flow allows for even drying while also preventing overheating that depletes the food of vital nutrients. Different types of food have a unique optimal temperature that will ensure they are thoroughly dried without over drying.


The Aroma dehydrator comes with six removable trays, a drip tray, and one plastic mesh sheet for drying smaller items like herbs. Additional sheets can be purchased separately.


Dimensions: 17.7 x 13.6 x 12.4
Model: AFD-815B
Warranty: 1 Year limited


The Aroma dehydrator is versatile and efficient enough to dehydrate all types of foods effectively. This unit is a mid-price model that makes it a good choice for anyone who wants to purchase a professional grade dehydrator without paying a high-end price.

Another advantage the Aroma offers over other machines is the quiet fan. Many popular brands are loud to operate whereas this model is really quiet.

Anyone who is considering investing in a low-cost machine will get a better value by purchasing the Aroma Professional than other models that cost about the same but have less versatility.


There are no real significant cons to the Aroma Professional. While drying occurs faster than with some dehydrators, it also dries slower than others. The unit is not expandable and so additional trays cannot be added for more drying space. Consumers looking for the largest capacity dehydrator should consider one that is expandable.

Consumer Ratings

The majority of buyers find that the Aroma delivers on its promises and is efficient at drying a wide range of foods and other items. Drying across all trays is even and the machine can be used for everything from drying herbs to making homemade dog treats. You can read reviews here.

The biggest complaint by consumers is the strong plastic smell when they first open the box. To prevent the smell of the plastic from transferring to foods, simply run the machine without food until the aroma is gone. This usually takes only about an hour until the scent disappears. Follow the instructions on how to wash trays and clean the rest of the unit.


The Aroma Professional is a mid-priced dehydrator. I usually find that you get the best price and service at Amazon. Check here to find the latest price.

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