dehydrator trayWith the push to eat healthier foods including eating more natural, organic fruits and vegetables, many people are turning to food dehydrators. These practical appliances are designed to help you make wonderful tasting treats and preserve your produce. There are many models being sold with a plethora of features and options. If you are new to dehydrating, shopping for one can be an overwhelming experience. You want to make sure you get a model that fits your needs and budget and that you don’t end up being disappointed with your purchase.

When I first started to investigate food dehydrators, I didn’t realize there would be so many choices. After doing thorough research, I thought it might be fun to share my findings with others and expand on my interest in food dehydrating. I also found there aren’t many dehydrator related review sites out there and I wanted to have this information all in one place.

This website will provide the information you need to make an educated dehydrator purchase. Each review will give you the details and specifications and the pros and cons of each model. You will also learn about features such as a adjustable temperature settings, timers, fans and heating elements, trays and the different types and much more.

Most of the reviews on this site are only of the top rated dehydrators, if you don’t see a review on the site, either I haven’t had time to get to it yet, or the reviews for the dehydrator are too low. I hope this site helps you make a buying decision. Keep coming back as I will be updating the site frequently.